~luv me~

~luv me~

Thursday, February 17, 2011


searching for my heart...its impossible to find this heart if u lost into other ways..
for example if in fall in love..so must b hard to tk cre of this kind heart. mehnah is always going around ur life,sometimes very hard sometime light..
so whatever it is we must prepared very carefully n earlier..
dont regret what the past going on..but b trough wit the future life..
life is so very mean if u menghayatinye...

heart is so hard to change new..
heart is also hard to bergnti.sekali ia hancur, ia xdpt utk bercntum dgn lbh elok spt
sblm ni..so care wit ur heart til u death..


~AnaAisyah~ said...

ini suatu bukti,Anati sedang dilamun cinta. he.he. :)

Shinichi said...

hehe...myb la..but not really..hehe