~luv me~

~luv me~

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

new semester...

how should i say this new semester ha?hmm..
i dont know how to overcome to get 3point in my result..i dont know is it so hard to get or Allah dont give me a chance to get it..really dont know.
indeed i stdy hard but still i dont get it! sometimes i feel so small then the others. especially wit my sisters. i cant cellen them! what should i do?also wit my frens. some people can get dekan and 3 point above but me? to get 3 point is very2 hard.
nobody can feel what i feel.nobody knows what i know. nobody understand what i understand..so how i want to give my parents proud of me?with what way? can all of you give the coz??
adakah Allah masih memberikan kesempatan untuk aku memiliki result 3 point untuk 3 sem akhir ini? adakah Allah tidak memperkenan untuk aku mendapatkannya? adakah aku tidak akan memperolehi kesempatan untuk dapatkan 3 point?

hubungan dgn Allah?
hubungan dgn manusia?
hubungan dgn alam?

hubungan dgn Allah is the first i should look back..is it really satisfied from Allah?

please pray for me..please forgive me..please always give me advices n chance..
really hope..

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