~luv me~

~luv me~

Saturday, May 1, 2010


sometimes i want to be like in this lyric:

"take a breath....,
i pull myself together,
just another stair until i reach the door,
you'll never know the way ,
it tears me up inside to see you,
i wish that i could tell you something to take it all away....
sometimes i wish i could save you,
n there's so many things that i want u to know,
i won give up till it's over,
if it takes u 4ever....
i want u to know!!!!
i wish i could save u............ "

i want to be someone who cares people beside me..
save the world with my own hands...
save palestine people with hardly..
hurm..save everything that make me feel become better...
really i want to do it...
deep into my heart...
but,,it is will be reality,anati???hmm

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