~luv me~

~luv me~

Monday, April 2, 2012

perih mnanggung hti

i want to cry..always this happen to me..y it is happen to me..is it not enough for me to love..
fall in love is nice in life but when the relationship bcome worst then it is very hard to settle it.this is juz dugaan..people juz the sme..
setiap kali musim exam banyak dugaan yg perlu dilalui..dugaan ada dimana2 je..sesiapa pn blh trime dugaan tu..juz mampu or not je..

aku hanya insan biasa..not ordinary person..but im still glad coz Allah always by myside..
Allah xkn tingglkn aku keseorangan..xkn..i luv Allah..please remain me in urlife..always stay for me..Oh Allah..hmm

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