~luv me~

~luv me~

Monday, July 11, 2011

hai my blog..like to tell u hear that my semester is starting now..hm this thursday i will have
class for sadam..ow God i hope my pointer this sem not down..very nervous so next sem..i wish
that i will raise my pointer even i know it is hard..

last sem i got 3 point something but not dekan yet..but i very praise to God that i achived
my pointer that i target..alhamdulillah to God..i cant believe this yet..but once again i really
thaks to Allah swt because HE gave me hope and listen to my doa..oo really praise to HIM.

so this sem i want to study harder to get up my pointer..to my parents, give me a chance to get
higher in my pointer. so please stay by my side even im not clever at all but if u give me spirits
i will not down..dont look why someone else get dekan but at me once..hmm..
try to belive me...

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