~luv me~

~luv me~

Monday, September 21, 2009

Eid Mubarak...

salam...hmm today i'm celebrating hari raya..
you know what,we're always one day late from malaysia!
so i've to fast one day more..
early morning we have to go to the mosque.we pray
hari raya at Sengkurong Mosque..
in the evening,we go to the owner's house that we stay..

the day after today,we go to my father's friends house
for the open house..
we also go to the supermarket to buy some kind of chocolates..
the rest time i just stay at home..

today,i do not go anywhere coz don't know where to go..
after maghrib,my mom's friend come to my house..
while my father have to send my second brother at the airport..
after that,we go to house of my younger's brother teacher..

on the thursday,once again my sister and i go to supermarket
to buy some chocolates..

on the friday,my family do the open house,so
there a lot of work to do...
at the night,my brother,my younger brother and i have
to go back k.terengganu..
so sad..

"this year is the year that not very interesting i celebrate hari raya.
you want to know why?this b'cos,the palace not open,coz have H1N1...
also semenanjung people not many more in brunei.they all went back at their place..."

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